Rapid Response Fire Blanket (Blanket Only)

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Fabric Weight: 10oz, Blanket Size: 58"x 73", 8 Heavy Duty Grommets (4 each on 2 of the edges). Blanket Coverage For First Responders The Kovenex Rapid Response Blanket provides true flame resistance, heat-blocking burn protection and superior tear resistance based on NFPA test methods used in certifying firemen's turnout gear. Wrapped around a trapped victim's head and torso, Kovenex offers a totally new level of protection against open flame, shattered glass particles, sharp metal edges, and even incidental extrication tool contact. Kovenex is soft and light, yet durable and well-constructed enough to be used as a stretcher in an emergency situation. No rescue vehicle should be without Kovenex. Police cars, ambulances, fire trucks, and life flight helicopters have all benefited from this unique safety tool. There are documented cases where Kovenex actually made the difference between a safe rescue and a fatality. Anywhere a fire emergency occurs, Kovenex can help calm victims - keeping their body heat in and searing heat out. Both lab testing and use in the field has proven Kovenex can be counted on to protect victims facing open flame or high-heat environments. No other rescue tool brings this type of protection and security for both the benefit of the victim and the rescue professional.